Understand the market


2. Bloomberg用什么手段维持了这种黏性?或者这种商业模式为什么有如此高的商业黏性? 本来我想提一堆中立性、对员工的热爱、对使用者不断培训提高壁垒、交易和讯息一条龙集中服务、7*24服务之类的细节的,但是我觉得书中这句话,基本解释了现在Bloomberg的核心竞争力。



3. 有没有新的需求,有新的工具可以翻身干掉彭博?有可能,挑战巨头的一定是被巨头看不起的小蚂蚁。但是前提是只有未来资产管理行业本身发生翻天覆地变化的情况下,Bloomberg的高服务费模式可能会被颠覆。如果未来资产管理行业,草根也可以做投资经理,投资直接变成p2p形式,投资者可以直接把钱交给投资经理,没有买方代理(基金公司)和卖方代理(券商研究部门),数据获得越来越容易,用互联网社区众筹解决信息不对冲。




Web-Crawler 网络爬虫

Except for making the terminal Unrivaled, is there any new business attempt in the past or future which made you feel excited

which airline companies in China are most affected by RMB devaluation?
国外购买飞机 美元结算,汇兑损失

国航 airchina,开了很多航线 买了很多飞机

“Bloomberg L.P. provides financial software tools such as an analytics and equity trading platform, data services and news to financial companies and organizations through the Bloomberg terminal (via its Bloomberg Professional Service), its core money-generating product.”

why this position/industry/ why do you want to work in financial industry

thanks a lot for the opportunity to have this conversation (如果对方不说名字,那样就要说May I know your name

1.introduce yourself
2. why Bloomberg
3. why global data


5 year goal

Long term: In my long term goals, I want to enhance my professional skills and become expertise in the field.

What intrigues you about the current markets?
Why finance?
Walk me through your resume?
What interests you?
Tell me a time where you were challenged
Tell me a time where you had to work in a group
Explain your experience with data and technology

1) Tell me about yourself?
2) Why Bloomberg?
3) What are your career aspirations? Short term and long term?
4) Impact of housing market on bond and equity markets?
5) What’s the difference between a stock and a bond? Give me a definition for both?
6) Give me an example of a derivative?
7) What is the difference between futures and forward contracts?
8) Tell me about some recent financial stories you have been following?
9) Give me an example of a time you failed at something?
10) How did you work with a team in your previous jobs?
11) Why did you not receive offers from your previous internships?
12) I was asked a number of questions about my background and previous job experience.
13) What’s going to set you apart from all the other candidates? (They really didn’t want a generic answer on this one. Saying you’re a hard-worker or a team-player was not going to cut it.)

One clear difference that you could say is that In 2013, Bloomberg Terminal’s 315,000 users accounted for 57 percent of the market

Fast paced, real-time, accurate


自来熟 engage people





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