Resource Management

Five Sought-After Backgrounds for Resource Managers

Vendor managers with supply-side experience

Past vendor management experience with an LSP makes for ideal candidates. Because they’ve already been exposed to best practices, such professionals already understand the particularities of the language supply chain and have established contacts among linguists.

Former project manager (PM)

PMs understand how the industry works, what makes a good supplier, and how to interact with them. However, they typically need additional training in areas such as negotiation.

Procurement staff

People with a background in purchasing services make great candidates. However, not all procurement backgrounds are equal. Look for people who have experience dealing with small vendors.


Candidates with a background in staffing offer experience in locating and qualifying vendors, along with negotiating rates for a wide range of specialized skills.


Don’t rule out translators with good people and negotiation skills who may be looking for a change in focus for their work.

RM Responsibilities

Database maintenance

  • Manage record updates such as address changes, vacation notices, qualification updates, and price modifications.
  • Track supplier status updates – whether upgrades or downgrades.

Talent acquisition

  • Recruit candidates, vet qualifications, and onboard new resources.
  • Coordinate tests, paperwork, and evidence collection for special requirements such as certifications, security clearances, and vaccination records.

Rate negotiation

  • Negotiate standard rates as well as special discounts and terms.
  • Performance monitoring
  • Oversee resource quality data collection.
  • May conduct problem investigation.
  • Act as the arbiter or moderator for linguistic disagreements.


Provide for freelancer education, e.g., company-specific quality requirements or technology.

Capacity planning

Proactively add resources, as required, for additional volumes, languages, and domain expertise.

Main Elements to Capture for Freelancer Profiles

Category Typical Fields Special Notes
Contact information Name, address, phone and fax numbers, instant message ID, photo Advanced systems enable you to contact resources straight from the system with auto-telephone dialing or Skype messaging.
Availability Work hours, days off, workload indicator, schedule Based on the location, some systems can provide “awake hours,” obviating the need to manually calculate time zones to gauge if it’s appropriate to contact a supplier.
Services List of services offered Systems usually present this information combined with fields that show editing rates for English to Vietnamese for pharmaceutical translations, for example.
Language pair capability Native language and working language pairs These may vary by domain expertise.
Subject matter expertise Verticals and document types More advanced systems enable resource managers to document the level of expertise within a specific field.
Background Education, certifications, and memberships You can customize pull-down lists, checkboxes, and text fields to help track details relevant to your organization, such as security clearances or published research.
Experience Elements that describe the resource’s experience inside and outside the language services industry More advanced systems can show the history of projects completed by resource to guide PMs when assigning new projects.
Volume capacity by job type Supplier’s volume capacity for different job types (such as 250 words per hour for translation) TMSes can use this information to calculate timelines, provided that the system tracks work hours and maximum volume desired.
Technology Hardware and software capabilities Resource managers need to specify the requirements for suppliers to meet to qualify as approved resources. For example, should they own a specific version of software? Is a certain expertise required?
Rates Rate information for language pairs, services, expertise levels, turnaround times, and technology applied More granular data entry enables you to automatically generate purchase orders.
Recruitment documentation Résumé, cover letter, references, submitted paperwork, signed confidentiality statements, and translation test results You should be able to attach a résumé and then search for the information while executing resource searches.
Performance notes Feedback notes and results of investigations In-progress reviews may be hidden for PMs, who see only the high-level view of resource performance records.
Payment and tax information Bank routing information, VAT number, W-9 tax forms These fields may be linked to your accounting system.
Update information Time stamp of the last record update and tracking of who modified what in the profile More advanced systems trigger a yearly update request to be sent to vendors.
Performance rating Indicators of past performance Systems vary greatly in scope: tracking quality only or quality plus on-time delivery and service ratings; and depth: manually assigned scores versus rolling up per-task scoring for automatic rate calculations. More advanced systems allow you to customize quality metrics and report card tracking.

See more at CSA Report


Recruiting Channel

  • User communities and fans (User groups, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat)
  • Current linguists (Recommendations for peers with similar expertise in other languages)
  • Professional networks (LinkedIn plus local equivalents (good for finding vertical specialists through profile searches on discussion groups), Professional associations in other countries in your field, Expatriate communities)
  • Industry-specific portals
  • Translator and interpreter association directories ([American Translators Association](http://www.atanet.org/onlinedirectories/) directory, In-country association (for example, [SFT](https://www.sft.fr/fo/public/adherent/recherche/index#.WCBEA01Prwo) in France), Service-specific association (for example, [AIIC](http://aiic.net/directories/interpreters/) for conference interpreters))
  • Academia (Translation and interpretation programs, International students from IT, MBA, engineering, health sciences, or whatever domain you require from universities or technical schools)
  • Linguist marketplaces (ProZ.com, TranslationDirectory, TranslatorsCafé)
  • Governmental agencies (When dealing with less common languages: Embassy and consulate networks, Court interpreter rosters)

Onboarding Process

Recruit – – > Weeding out the scammers ([Translation Scammers](http://www.translator-scammers.com/translator-scammers-directory.htm)) – – > Testing skills – – > Negotiating rates – – > Processing the right paperwork

Component What to Include
Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement Establish the ground rules regarding what freelancers can share about their interactions with you. They are often privy to privileged information that may cause harm or financial damage if it leaked to the general public.
Payment terms + Provide a choice of payment vehicles: check, wire transfer, and online payment via Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Transpay, or Xoom. + Take into account any fees to be deducted from the final amount received by the freelancer. + Balance company cash flow requirements against negotiating better deals to come up with shorter payment cycles.
Service level agreement Document specific expectations for turnaround times, productivity rates, and quality.
Incentives and penalties + Describe how freelancers will be rewarded for exemplary performance, as well as the consequences for failing to meet the terms of the engagement. + Outline the investigation and appeals process, and remediation or penalty schemes for subpar work.
Freelancer status Provide a form for linguists to fill out to verify their freelance status.
Banking and tax paperwork Supply whatever forms are required by your organization (such as a W-9 for U.S. companies) to provide a taxpayer identification number or banking details.

Case Study


  1. Maintain your database for potential suppliers
  2. RFI to identify shortlist of challengers
  3. RFP to redefine supplier pool
  4. Contract negotiations (NDA, MSA, SOW) + PO process + System update

Balance of Interests

  • Decrease cost
  • Maintain quality
  • Increase flexibility, address bottlenecks, ensure enough capacity
  • Consolidate supplier base
  • Maintain certain suppliers for strategic reasons

Request for Information (RFI) Details

  • Capacity information
  • Filled questionnaire covering 21 questions in 5 categories: Expertise, Tools, Processes, Quality Management, Corporate Responsibility

==> RFI Score Sheet

Request for Proposal (RFP) Details

  • Company Financial Information
  • Staffing and Capacity Information
  • Rates
  • Filled questionnaire covering 95 questions in 15 categories incl. Financial History, Legal/Insurance/Safety, Privacy/Data Protection, VAT Info, Acceptance of MSA and Payment Terms, Expertise, Tools, Processes, Machine Translation, Quality Management, Corporate Responsibility

==> RFP Score Sheet

Email Template

CV & Test Translation

  1. Without seeing the job we are not sure that I would assign the given job to the translator whose resume would be sent to the client. The decision is made by us on an individual basis and not on the basis of credentials submitted by the translator or editor. We are in the business of testing the translators and approving them for the tasks we intend to assign to them. And we take the responsibility for it.
  2. It is not assured that the given translator will be available when the client wants to send us the job.
  3. It is not assured that the translator selected by the client will be interested in that job.
  4. It is not assured that the selected translator will be able to meet the technical requirements of the client.
  5. We have been in the translation business for 15 years, and our continuous business is a proof that we are doing something right. So, we are asking for some trust, and we are guarantying quality and timely delivery.


Spanish Variants

International Spanish and Latin America are very similar, for both, we try to not use any kind of regionalism to try to fit to as many as possible Spanish spoken countries.

Mexican Spanish is different, they have 2 important differences between the rest of Spanish, they use the numbers as Americans do, example: 12,000 (US) and not 12.000 (ES) as in the rest of Spanish, and they use to keep many expressions, terms, in English.

Besides Mexican Spanish, we have Spain Spanish, they also have important differences, they do not accept any other terms, expressions that are not used in their country. Example: “mouse”, it´s very known around the world, but in Spain, it MUST be “ratón”.

So, it´s very important to be sure if the translation can be for all Latin American countries or specific to Mexico, and also, if the translation can be for any Spanish spoken country or specific for Spain.


Language tags (language IDs), and LCIDs available in Office 2016

Language identifiers and OptionState Id values in Office 2016

Language Code Language Name Country/Language Description ISO Character Set Windows Code Page Locale ID (LCID) MS .NET Culture Name Macintosh Script Char Set Local Language Word Save As Text file CUE Language Instantiation Lang. Map
ARA Arabic Arabic 8859-6 1256 1025 ar smArabic عربي No 0x1
BGR Bulgarian Bulgaria 8859-5 1251 1026 bg smCyrillic Български Cyrillic Windows No
CHS Chinese Simplified PRC, Singapore GB2312 936 2052 zh-CHS smSimpChinese 中文简体 Chinese GB2312 Yes 0x804
CHT Traditional Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong Big5 950 1028 zh-CHT smTradChinese 繁體中文 Chinese Big5 Yes 0x404
CSY Czech Czech Republic 8859-2 1250 1029 cs smEastEurRoman čeština Central European Windows Yes 0x5
DAN Danish Denmark 8859-1 1252 1030 da smRoman Dansk Western European Windows Yes 0x6
DEU German German (Standard) 8859-1 1252 1031 de smRoman Deutsch Western European Windows Yes 0x7
ELL Greek Greece 8859-7 1253 1032 el smGreek Ελληνικά Greek Windows Yes 0x8
ENU English English 8859-1 1252 1033 en smRoman English Western European Windows Yes 0x9
ESN Spanish Spanish (ESN=Intl Sort, 1034=Trad Sort) 8859-1 1252 1034 es smRoman Español Western European Windows Yes 0xa
ETI Estonian Estonia 8859-4 1257 1061 et smEastEurRoman eesti No
FIN Finnish Finland 8859-1 1252 1035 fi smRoman Suomi Western European Windows Yes 0xb
FRA French French (Standard) 8859-1 1252 1036 fr smRoman Français Western European Windows Yes 0xc
HEB Hebrew Israel, could be HBR 8859-8 1255 1037 he smHebrew עברית No 0xd
HRV Croatian Croatia 8859-2 1250 1050 hr smEastEurRoman hrvatski Central European Windows No
HUN Hungarian Hungary 8859-2 1250 1038 hu smEastEurRoman Magyar Central European Windows Yes 0xe
IND Bahasa Indonesian Indonesia 8859-1 1252 1057 id smRoman Bahasa Indonesia No
ITA Italian Italy (Standard) 8859-1 1252 1040 it smRoman Italiano Western European Windows Yes 0x10
JPN Japanese Japan Shift-JIS 932 1041 ja smJapanese 日本語 Japanese Shift-JIS Yes 0x11
KOR Korean Korea (Hangul) 949 1042 ko smKorean 한국어 Korean Yes 0x12
LTH Lithuanian Lithuania 8859-4 1257 1063 lt smEastEurRoman Lietuvių No
LVI Latvian Latvia 8859-4 1257 1062 lv smEastEurRoman Latviešu No
MYS Bahasa Malay Malaysia 8859-1 1252 1086 ms smRoman Bahasa Malaysia No
NLD Dutch Netherlands 8859-1 1252 1043 nl smRoman Nederlands Western European Windows Yes 0x13
NOB Norwegian Norwegian (Bokmal), NOR 8859-1 1252 1044 no smRoman Norsk Western European Windows Yes 0x14
PLK Polish Poland 8859-2 1250 1045 pl smEastEurRoman Polski Central European Windows Yes 0x15
PTB Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese (pt vs. pt-BR) 8859-1 1252 1046 pt smRoman Português Western European Windows Yes 0x16
ROM Romanian Romania 8859-2 1250 1048 ro smEastEurRoman Română Central European Windows No
RUS Russian Russia 8859-5 1251 1049 ru smCyrillic Русский Cyrillic Windows Yes 0x19
SKY Slovak Slovakia (SLK) 8859-2 1250 1051 sk smEastEurRoman Slovenčina Central European Windows No
SLV Slovenian Slovenia (SLN) 8859-2 1250 1060 sl smEastEurRoman slovenski Central European Windows No
SVE Swedish Sweden 8859-1 1252 1053 sv smRoman svenska Western European Windows Yes 0x1d
THA Thai Thailand 8859-11 874 1054 th smThai ไทย No
TRK Turkish Turkey 8859-9 1254 1055 tr smRoman Türkçe Turkish Windows Yes 0x1f
UKR Ukrainian Ukrainian 8859-5 1251 1058 uk smCyrillic Українська Cyrillic Windows No
VIT Vietnamese Vietnam 1258 1066 vi smVietnamese Tiê’ng Viê ̗t Nam No No


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